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Ok, I dont think your connectionstring could cause problem, it looks fine.

1) The reason for this (besides occasional mis-designed SQL statement) is, that not all necessary permissions are set. User IUSR_<machine name> has to have permissions:

a) For the directory the Access database resides in (right-click on the directory in Explorer, select "Properties," "Security", if the "Security" Tab is missing, go into "Tools," "Folder Options," and deactivate "Simple File sharing")

b) For the Access database itself ("Tools", "Security", "User and Group Permissions")

2)There are several things that may cause this ODBC error. Many of the possible reasons are listed below.

* The permissions that are set on the directory the database is in. IUSR privileges must be set to "read/write".

* The permissions on the database itself does not have full read/write privileges in effect.

* This error can also occur when the database is located outside of the inetpub/wwwroot directory. Though the information is still able to be viewed and searched, it cannot be updated unless it is in the wwwroot directory.

Hope that helps.

-Vijay G
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