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Thank you for your reply.

After reading through many websites I have discovered that the best way to approach the issue is to use DTS from a VB.NET application. Here is a quick summary of what i need to do:

Create an User friendly application to extract data from two different Sybase Databases and export the data into MSSQL and compare the two tables. After generate a report of the differences found.

The user should only provide the data for the two source databases and the SQL statement to extract the data.

Here is some more information:

1) Extract data from Sybase using a select statement from two different Sybase Databases i.e. TEST_1 and TEST_2 using SQL (select * from tblAccounting) and copy them into two tables (i.e. test_1_tblAccounting and test_2_tblAccounting) in a MSSQL Server Database. The tables will also need to be created in MSSQL on the fly as the select statements can be different.

2) once both of the MSSQL tables have been populated with the data, i would like to compare the results between the two tables. for example both tables should have the same invoice numbers, order no., description, amounts, etc. if they are not two things must happen

     a) insert only the invoice number in table that does not have the invoice number.
     b) after (a) create another reporting table with the rows that are different i.e. amount, orderid, etc. along with this data we will need to add another column with the test_1_tblAccounting or test_2_tblAccounting information.

This will allow us to compare both the rows from the different tables in one table.

Then i will be able to write a HTML page to display this data.

I hope the above helps.


Jitu Tivari
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