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I don't understand how you think a book could cover all the points you mentioned, and still be appropriate for beginners. I've never seen a beginner who was ready to tackle DAAB, NUnit, NAnt, complete win32 apps, remoting, etc. Most beginners would struggle hard to understand any single one of these subjects!

To be a useful size, a book has to target a specific audience. I see this book as targetting the mid-level developer. Anyone who doesn't know anything about SQL Server, C#, or VB.NET wouldn't be ready for this book. Also, anyone who has never built a useful application in .NET is probably not ready for this book.

Many advanced people wouldn't like this book for a number of reasons. I don't want to get into these reasons right now, because these people aren't the target audience, anyway.

Once you've learned the basics, and have built a couple small apps, then you're probably ready for this book. This will pick you up from that level and it will move you to the low side of the advanced level. If you stick with it, and do a lot of debugging and modifications along the way, this will be instrumental in turning you into a seasoned .NET programmer.

This book fills a definite niche. There aren't many books that can fill this role.

Having said this, however, I really think it would be great if Wrox could publish a new edition of this book, or a more advanced book that picks up where this book leaves off.