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englere, after reading my original post, I agree that a book that a covered all of the proposed topics would not be suitable for beginners, however, some of the more basic topics such as Log4Net, DAL and BLL may.

I would like to propose a new concept in writing books that may be suitable. How about a follow-up book(s) for advanced users that basically performs major refactoring on the existing project to incorporate my suggestions. I don't know of any set of books that takes a developer through an entire project across multiple books from beginner to advanced topics. I belive this book is a great candidate.

I agree that this book was an excellent book and I learned a lot from it. I fact, I have suggested it to friends as well. However, having worked with Java (MVC, Log4J, JUnit, Servlets, JSP, etc) for over 4 years, I found the book didn't quite cover what I needed.

A possible topic for a follow-up book might be "ASP.NET Programming, Refactoring an existing project using XP, Microsoft Application Blocks and Open Source".

What do you think?