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Here is what I am trying and I am getting a null or not an object error and I do not know why...

<script language="JavaScript">
var loopcounter;
for(loopcounter=0; loopcounter < ID.length; loopcounter++);
    document.write("<table width='386' border='2' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='0' bordercolor='#000066' bgcolor='#EBEBEB'><tr class='textsmallbold' align='left'><td width='191' valign='middle'><div align='center'>Alert</div></td><td valign='middle'><div align='center'>Current Value</div><div align='center'></div><div align='center'></div></td></tr>");
    document.write("<tr align='left'><td class='text_small' width='191' valign='middle'>");
    //Statement writes description of option. Code is repeated for each option on this page
    document.write("</td><td valign='middle' class='text_small'><div align='center'>");
    //Statement writes what option is currently set to. Code is repeated for each option on this page
    document.write("</div><div align='center'></div><div align='center'></div></td></tr>");

Clay Hess
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