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Bombard away! Here are my answers...

The error is on the lines that have document.write(ID[loopcounter][1]); on them. When I put the variable loopcounter in there, it errors out, but it works when I put an actual number from the array.

The script only writes the first row of the table.

Sorry for the confusion on o3Web and sOptionGet. What I am doing is writing some interface for communicating with software our developers have on a unix box. They wrote a .vbs file for me to allow that to occurr. So when I am referring to o3Web.sOptionGet, I am referring to a function in the .vbs file I have attached to my html. You can ignore that. That is working just fine.

I am doing something wrong with putting loopcounter in there, but I cannot figure out what.

quote:Originally posted by Snib
 1) What line is the error on?
2) How far does the script get? Does it write anything?
3) What on earth is this?
ID[2][2] = o3Web.sOptionGet(type,ID[2][0]);

What is o3Web and sOptionGet()?

Sorry for the bombardment of questions- kind of need more info :D



Clay Hess
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