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require_once 'DB.php'; //require the PEAR::DB classes.

$db_engine = 'oci8';
$db_user = 'prod';
$db_pass = 'prod';
$db_host = 'ptmn';
$db_name = 'prod';

$dsn = $db_engine.'://'.$db_user.':'.$db_pass.'@'.$db_host.'/'.$db_name;

$db = DB::connect($dsn, TRUE);
/* assign database object in $db_object, if the connection fails $db_object will contain
the error message. */

// If $db_object contains an error print out the
// error and exit.

if(DB::isError($db)) {


$db->disconnect(); // Close the connection.


I get this error msg:
DB Error: unknown error

What solution can I do?

Thanks in advance.