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Urgle! No, it should be FLUSH PRIVILEGES (don't know what happened to my shift key, there :).

One thing to check: you are assigning the passwords (e.g. "my_secret") with values such as:


...are you? The reason I ask, is that the DB never actually stores the password; only its MD5 hash. So if you were to assign a user with a statement like:

INSERT INTO user (host,user,password,select_priv) VALUES ('localhost','bo_selecta','my_secret','Y');

The user won't be able to log in, since they'd have to type in something for their password which generated 'my_secret' AFTER having been put through the MD5 hash. Instead, you'd insert something like:

INSERT INTO user (host,user,password,select_priv) VALUES ('localhost','bo_selecta',password('my_secret'),'Y ');

Then, when you look at the user table in the 'mysql' database, you should see something like:


For the password (being the output generated by putting the actual password through the hash).

Just a thought.
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