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quote:Originally posted by wisconsin
 Tried several combinations of moving the space in the statement below and still get the #1064 error.
Okay, try: here
INSERT INTO user ( host, user,
PASSWORD , select_priv )
VALUES ('localhost', 'poll', password( 'polldb' ) , 'Y')

I also see in the user table that the root user's MD5 code for the password is different between the localhost and % accounts. Seemed strange to me. Why would that be the case?
The passwords must be different, in either case, simple as that: it's the only way that can happen. The definition of a one-way-hash algorithm is that it always generates the same garbled output from the same input, and that two input strings have a vanishingly small chance of 'collision' (taht is to say, they are extraordinarily unlikely to both generate the same output string).

(FWIW, this is why, on the rare occasions someone has tried to hack code on the open source code repositories, its is immediately detected: add one character to the entire Linux kernel, and you get an entirely different checksum as the output. Since the checksum is what you use to verify the authenticity of the code, any changes are immediately apparent.)
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