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Hi, I am having a similar problem.
I created a new component in VB6 to add to an existing VB6 application. It runs fine within the vb6 windows application. I even can call this component from a vbscript program, and from a VB.NET windows app, using on both cases CreateObject.
The component accesses a database and updates records on it.

But it breaks down when I call it from a web service application using CreateObject. The same error: Cannot create ActiveX component....

how do I check the IUSR_<computername> permissions? I cannot seem to find the Users & Passwords icon in Control Panels. I am running W2K SP4.

quote:Originally posted by Ryden
 The reason for this is that the account IUSR_<computername> does not have enough permissions on your application's folder.
I just resolved this a minute ago by giving full permissions to the account, I will try to see exactly what permissions it really need but this is the basic solution.