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Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically post the value to the form back, I think.

Please go through my reply for the issue "Different objects send in links" which you started on 18th June. I am quoting it here again. for your easiness.

A change in the page structure is needed.

You have a registration page which checks the details of the visitor submitted through a page say - registration.asp. Let that page be registrationFB.asp. i.e. registration.asp collects the visitor details initially and submits to registrationFB.asp

You have a page which will be shown after successful registration. Let that page be welcome.asp

The form on registrationFB.asp should submit to the same page. The code structure in registrationFB.asp is as follows.

' Collect the posted values from registration.asp in variables

' The validation script

' Initialize a variable strErrorMessage as an empty string. (strErrorMessage="")

' check whether fields are empty.

' check whether login exists.

' after each validation check you need to concatenate the error message to the variable strErrorMessage.

' if(strErrorMessage="") then

' show the error message

' show the form. In the form show the values. You can get the values from the variables into which you stored them at the beginning of the page. Please remember that this form gets submitted to registrationFb.asp.

' else

' go to welcome.asp

' end if
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