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Hi Madhukp,

quote:Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically post the value to the form back, I think.
I am not sure what does automatically post the value to the form back mean here?

quote:You have a registration page which checks the details of the visitor submitted through a page say - registration.asp. Let that page be registrationFB.asp. i.e. registration.asp collects the visitor details initially and submits to registrationFB.asp

You have a page which will be shown after successful registration. Let that page be welcome.asp

The form on registrationFB.asp should submit to the same page. The code structure in registrationFB.asp is as follows.
I don't understand why one should have registration.asp and registrationFB.asp, for this?

I assume both the pages are going to have the form with similar fields in them. Why should the structure that you suggest on registrationFB.asp be not written on registration.asp itself?


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