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quote:I have a page Registration.asp and Confirm.asp and on confirm.asp if any type of error then I wil redirect to Registration.asp. I want to know when it wil redirect then where it stores the information
That way it is not easy to achieve what you posted in your original post.

If you got to show errors in RED for fields that do not conform to your validation rules and should also show the values in its form controls besides the ERROR in red, then you cannot check for error in your confirm.asp.

To achieve that, you got the post the values to registration.asp in which you can check for the values and assign error message for relevant fields that do not conform to the validation rules and show them besides the relevant fields on the same page. If everything is fine then you can store them into DB if you want, and redirect to confirm.asp, where you say, data has been stored successfully.

That is probably what I have posted in my first reply to this post.


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