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Default checking directories for files


I have built an application that collects data submitted from an asp
form, this data is then written to a file with an .req extension, and
the file is saved into a directory on the server, this folder is
monitored by a seperated application that picks up the files with the
.req extension and the writes the results to the data submitted back to
the file and the re-names it with a .PAR extension.

What I want to do is re-direct the user to a page once the form has been
submitted, this page will then monitor the directory and display the
link once the file has been renamed, which can vary but takes approx 20
- 30 secs.

I will know the name of the file created and I know the directory to
which it will be saved what I could use meta refresh to refresh the page
until the file is re-named but what I am not sure of is how to check for
the file.

Hope this makes sense.

Many thanks

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