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Sue, there is no doubt in my mind that you are exactly right.

The statement on page 59 "The third subform needed for frmCustomers is based on tblShippingAddresses." clearly implies that the form is bound. Therefore since Figure 2.20 displays "ShipAddress" in a textbox, that textbox is bound to a field named ShipAddress from tblShippingAddresses.

However, ShipAddress is NOT listed as a field in tblShippingAddresses in Figure 1.19. But ShipAddress is listed as a field in Relationships windows shown in Figure 2.1. And as you correctly pointed out. "In Toy Workshop (Forms Start).mdb the field ShipAddress does not exist as a field in tblShippingAddresses (and in fsubShippingAddress). In Toy Workshop (Forms Finish).mdb the field ShipAddress does exist as a field in tblShippingAddresses (and in fsubShippingAddress)."

So, tblShippingAddresses must have been changed (by adding the field ShipAddress), but that change was not mentioned in the text of the book.

Terry Waltz