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Default Returning a result from a db function not allowed?

Hey everybody,

Can anybody see what is wrong here? I can't get any error messages to get a clue where to start. The "new part" is the function select_result(). Can you not pass back a result? Why don't I get at least some error message? I don't even see Hello World (HTML at the bottom). Very frustrating indeed.



require_once("/home/mysite/db/"); // ;)

 function db_connect()
    global $db_host, $db_user, $db_pwd, $db_name;
    $link_id = mysql_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_pwd);
    return $link_id;

 function select_result($strSQL){
    $link = db_connect();
    $result = mysql_query($strSQL, $link);
    return $result;

 function UID_inuse($uid){
    $result = select_result("SELECT COUNT(*) AS count FROM parent WHERE user_name='$uid'");
    $fetch = mysql_fetch_array($result,$link);
    return ($fetch['count'] == 0)?false:true;;

    echo "User ID is in use";
    echo "User ID not in use";

Hello world

Trey Carroll
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