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engler, your statement is rather simple and could be misinterpreted as insulting for many professionals:

-First of all, the backcover page says "This book is inttended for developers who use ASP.NET and Visual Basic.NET; Devs who uses Visual Studio .NET Professional or earlier". Let's say, no rating is made. In addition, no mention to SQL Server is made; however I think that's not the point: I'm not even an advanced SQL Server user and I'm able to manage tables, data, queries from ASP.NET with no problem. So I don't think a particular skill level is needed. The authors' approach is simply obscure.

In addition:
-Obsolescence: The edition I bought is (c)2003, but actully acquired in june 2004. In this time .NetFramework 1.1 and VS 2003 were released, so the Transform() method became obsolete, A fourth parameter Nothing must be added. I'm a newbbie in but I found out how to tackle that issue myself and I think any other programmers have found out too thenselves at this stage. No mention in Errata section of the download site, nor in the latest edition of the book.

-Secondly, the download kit is quite unprofessional: why there is no script to replace server name references from DOMAIN\Author to Localhost, which by the way, is not consistently placed, sometimes in the code you find DOMAIN\Author, sometimes Localhost, sometimes, etc

-Third, the fact that C:\wrox\thephile pathname is hardcoded in many of the .config files is just disappointing. Why don't using XML parameters since in this book is introduced other XML techniques, like XSLT?

-Fourth: no rating for developers is made, which would be a suggestion for future editions.

I thinkg such technical books need maintenaince, there are not novels, they need a ninimum care, but that's the Editor's choice.