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Hi, Richard, I did what you said, and of course the message disappeared. However, this has not solved the problem.

As I see it, the point of session_start(), and indeed of the exercise on page 53, is to pass variables between the two scripts. The variables are initialised in movie1.php and should be picked up by moviesite.php, only they aren't. I poked about in the folders created along with PHP, and found one called sessiondata, which looked promising; so I opened one of the files and lo! there was all the data that was supposed to be being passed. For each file containing data there was one containing nothing, so it looks as if moviesite.php instead of reading data is creating a new file of its own.

I went back to php.ini and changed session.save_path to E:\PHP1\sessiondata, but this didn't make any difference. So maybe there is another directive in php.ini I should change? You may notice that sessiondata is in folder E:\PHP1, not E:\PHP (don't know how that happened, but the movie1.php seems to have found it all right).