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The easiest approach would be to use a server language, perhaps PHP, ASP or CGI.

If you have access to any of those, go with that. Otherwise, you'll need a function that parses the querystring and gets the string between the '=' sign and the '&' sign (or the end of the string).

I found this Googling:

function querystring(key)
 var value = null;
 for (var i=0;i<querystring.keys.length;i++)
  if (querystring.keys[i]==key)
   value = querystring.values[i];
 return value;

querystring.keys = new Array();
querystring.values = new Array();

function querystring_parse()
 var query =;
 var pairs = query.split("&");

 for (var i=0;i<pairs.length;i++)
  var pos = pairs[i].indexOf('=');
  if (pos >= 0)
   var argname = pairs[i].substring(0,pos);
   var value = pairs[i].substring(pos+1);
   querystring.keys[querystring.keys.length] = argname;
   querystring.values[querystring.values.length] = value;

Supposedly you can do this:

var x = querystring("x"); get the value of any querystring variable.

So if you were at, using the above code would set x to "hello".

I haven't tried the script, so let me know if it works.



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