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I thought with a pivot table you are changing the arrangement of the data like taking row entries and using those as column headings.

I just wanted a regular bar chart. I think I have gotten the charts I want in Access with VBA, now. I found a way to create a trendline by using a constant value as another series, hiding the series bars by making them the same color as the background of the chart and then using the trendline option on that series. Is there a better way? Right now my trendline looks like a dashed line where my camouflaged bars go through it.

I also want to make use of the material in your book on exporting to Outlook because I have a database for creating invoices and currently I just manually create a pdf and then email it, but I have wanted to automate this. I have to finish the charting stuff first but I think I have what is needed.

What I appreciate about your books is the way in which you use forms. I was amazed to see how your forms are so neat and consistent along with being very functional.
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