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I have run into problems on IIS 6.0 running classic ASP. I read one article which talks about domain names with (_) and all the file names in my application have an (_) character. I am not sure if this has an impact. I read the server logs and found that IIS has restarted almost at the same time when the worker process was recycled. I have a global.asa not in my application folder but a different one under the root. I am not sure if the virus scan on this .asa file has an impact on IIS restarts. Also, I have a databases folder under the root\subfolder that contains some .mdb files...and I am pretty sure there are .lck files being created temporarily on the server. So, I have 3 possibilities for session variables getting dumped and there might be more if I get to read the posts in many forums!

If anyone can help me narrow it down, it would be great!!