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Default Convert C++ Code to C#

Does anyone know how to convert the following C++ code into C#. I've tried myself using structs. I don't want to use unsafe code so I don't know how to implement the pointers in C#.

typedef char WMTInt8;
typedef short WMTInt16;
typedef long WMTInt32;
typedef unsigned char WMTUInt8;
typedef unsigned short WMTUInt16;
typedef unsigned long WMTUInt32;
typedef WMTInt8 WMTText;
typedef WMTText *WMTPText;
typedef WMTUInt8 *WMTPointer;
#define WMNULL ((WMTPointer)0)
#define WMFalse 0
#define WMTrue (!WMFalse)

Here is an example of how I implemented the type definition for WMTInt8, but it seems very long winded compared to a single line of code in C++ as above. Any help would be really appreciated.

using System;

namespace Wfmc.Interface2.Types.BasicTypes
    public struct WMTInt8
        private char _value;

        public WMTInt8(char Value)
                _value = Value;
                throw new ArgumentException();
        public static implicit operator char(WMTInt8 Value)
            return Value._value;
        public static implicit operator WMTInt8(char Value)
            return new WMTInt8(Value);

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