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quote:Originally posted by Airidh
 I looked in preferences in opera, and there was no cookie associated with these two scripts. By the way, preferences is now in the Tools menu in Opera; I am sure it was under File before.

This tells me that you have upgraded to Opera 7.5x. Preferences used to be on the file menu, but it has moved to the tool menu in this version. "ALT + P" still brings up the preferences menu.

Having said that it also handles cookies differently. If you have Opera set to 'accept all cookies' (get your head examined and change it after you fix this issue); you should see a cookie for 'localhost' (I believe). If you want to save time (if you are wide open then you will have lots of cookies)when you go to the cookie page, type in PHP in the search box (aka "quick search"). This will bring up anything with the string "PHP" in it. It should only be cookies. I would also suggest TOOLS>DELETE PRIVATE DATA ........ and then access your web application BEFORE GOING TO THE NET. It should be clear where you cookie is.

You may also have to check (tick)"Accept cookies with incorrect path". It is possible that Opera will see 'localhost' as an incorrect name, since it is not terminated with a TLD (.com .net .org etc...).

Preferred cookie settings:
"Treat as specified in Server Manager" - normal cookies
"Refuse all cookies" - third party cookies
I also have "Delete New Cookies When Exiting Opera" checked (ticked).

These settings will force you to manually allow cookies for each server. It is amazing what sites become less valuable when you see all the data they are collecting.

Hope that helps.

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