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quote:Originally posted by ElizabethN
 It appears that those of you who have been recently downloading and attempting to install and configure MySQL 4.0.20 series for Windows are having some problems locating the my-small, my-medium, my-large, and my-huge .cnf files.

With good reason, as they have been omitted from the zip file.


 I'm sure the good folks over at are working on it.
As of today, still no change in the zip files. 2 hours down the drain. This is why Open Source is still not considered 'ready for prime time'.

Really, how difficult is it to post a zip/rar/tar file with the files on the main site. Are they really that big? Is it that difficult? Or even a page with them in html format that you could copy.

I would have settled for a note in the download area, saying that they were missing.

I really have to wonder sometimes if 'open source' people have any clue about customers.

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