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quote:Originally posted by sambrose
 Why a waste of 2 hours?
Well that is how much time I wasted looking for the files, searching for any useful referance to this file, etc...

quote:Originally posted by sambrose
I am going to assume that since it is a .zip file you downloaded, that your platform is Windows.
You would be wrong. I have several platforms. Zip is not exclusive to the windows platform.

quote:Originally posted by sambrose
1)Install the program.
Thanks I did that already. That was why I needed the files.

quote:Originally posted by sambrose
2)Open your c:\mysql directory, then open the \bin directory and you will see a file called winmysqladmin. -- click it. It will start up a GUI admin screen. Enter a username / password for it. It WILL automatically create the file for you. -- DONE
well that would work IF you shut the service down, and you don't have one already, and you have not typed up the my.cnf file and placed it in a directory.

Also by doing it your way you have some security holes (cleartext password in the file). The other problem is that I still don't have the files to use as a referance or to test on other servers. Which was the origianl problem; Not the set up of WinMySQLAdmin.

quote:Originally posted by sambrose
As for the open-source developers and community... well, I disagree with you 100%

Was not talking about the developers. I was talking about the 'community'. The response to my post, would seem to bear out my problem with the open source community.

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