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Hi etherz,

The only files you are concerned with are the .mdb files.

The .mde file is a version of Copy of Domestic Appliance Centre.mdb in which all VBA source code modules have been compiled to binary machine code (with all human-readable source code removed). If you want a .mde version of your converted 2003 database, you’ll want to create it after converting the .mdb file.

The .ldb file is a locking information file that Access uses to coordinate locking in a multi-user environment. Its always created when you open a database for shared access, and should be deleted automatically after the last user closes the database. Each user who opens the database generates an entry in it, and Access uses the list to determine which records are locked by whom. Your converted app will create its own .ldb file.

It looks like you have a single split database probably connected by linked tables:

Front-end: Domestic Appliance Centre.mdb
Back-end: Domestic Appliance Centre (Back-End).mdb

The front-end file probably contains your application objects (queries, forms, reports, modules, macros) and table links.

The back-end file probably contains your data tables.

I have no way of knowing for sure, but it appears that everything else is a copy or duplicate or compressed (.zip) version of these two primary files. If not, some one needs to revisit their naming scheme. You’d have to take a look at them to be sure.

If you wanted a single file to work with for your conversion, you could just import the backend tables into you’re front-end file, delete the links in the font-end, convert the database, them split the converted database again. Or you could just convert the front-end and back-end files separately, possibly needing to re-establish the links.

Anyway, that’s my best guess. Just be sure and back everything up a few times before converting anything. Post again is you have further questions about any of that.



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