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Hi etherz,

On the possible corruption issue, I would have recommended importing your db objects into a new db also. One other thing you can try is a couple of undocumented functions that allow you to import/export form objects to/from text files.

In your original db, press alt-F11 to open the VBA editor, then ctrl-G to open the immediate window. Type the following into the immediate window:

Application.SaveAsText acForm, "YourFormName", "c:\temp\YourFormName.txt"

Then open the immediate window in your new db and type:

Application.LoadFromText acForm, "YourFormName", "c:\temp\YourFormName"

That might get your old form object into the new db in an uncorrupt state.

.mdb files are generally distributed as production front-ends as an added security measure. They protect your intellectual property by removing all human-readable code from your code modules.



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