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I fixed the problem by specifying a LEFT JOIN for each table relationship. I don't recall why I wasn't doing this before. I think it was because I learned how to write SQL using Access with ASP, where nested SELECTs are allowed. When I migrated to MySQL/PHP, I had to learn a whole new way to write these complex JOINs. At the time I thought I would never get along without nested SELECTs.

Here's my new FROM statement

gameResults LEFT JOIN games ON gameResults.gameID = games.gameID
LEFT JOIN users ON gameResults.userID = users.userID
LEFT JOIN questionResults ON gameResults.userGameEventID = questionResults.userGameEventID
LEFT JOIN questions ON (gameResults.gameID = questions.gameID AND questionResults.quesID = questions.quesID)
WHERE gameResults.gameID = 3
GROUP BY questions.quesID

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