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I have been learning VB.Net for about 6 months and I felt that this book would be the next step. The concept is great and the overall content is good. But now I think I have jumped in at the deep end. So much prior knowledge is assumed by the authors.

If the reader required no explaination at all and knew how to build a functioning ASP.Net site already, they wouldn't need this book.

I didn't expect to be spoon fed but I would like to have been made aware of the various stages required, even if a full explaination was not given.
Then at least I would have the opportunity to find the answer elsewhere. Instead of not being aware of a missing segment in the puzzle and left bewildered.

It is very remiss of the authors to leave out chunks of explaination, without saying so. Even if they think the next part is obvious, which it might be to the author and professional programmers.