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quote:Originally posted by pipdickenz
 I installed MySQL 4.0.20d on my desktop (XP Home), then deleted it and reinstalled it on the C: drive

If you DELETED it, instead of uninstalling it you made a big mistake.

I am assuming you did not actually install TO YOUR DESKTOP, right? What you meant was your PC? and you installed to a drive other than C:, correct?

How do I fix this? I'm hoping it's as easy as typing some stuff in Dos, but DOS is pretty alien to me. Please Help! Thanks.
Do you have a dual boot of XP and DOS? That is the only way you could have DOS on that machine. If you are assuming that DOS rules (or *nix) rules apply to Windows, DON'T!.

You can not just delete folders and expect to have things work.

- First you need to reinstall BACK INTO THE ORIGINAL LOCATION.
- Second you need to uninstall mysql THE CORRECT WAY. (tell me your version, and I can give you the instructions, or you could read the manual pages about it)
- Third reinstall mysql to the location you want.
- Fouth REBOOT

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