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Hmmmm,yes,so sw.close could solve this problem and assure us the result is right.
Imar I found an article in MSDN about Asynchronous File I/O here
I cant get it(especialy it's example its too long),I dont have any problem with databases but I want to learn working with files too so I dont want to work with databases...
Imar can you help me change this example and work with BeginRead,I think I should make a file everytime asynchronously and then work with BeginWrite instead of WriteLine.
can you help me do it easily...
(I dont want to work with Application state because you know it consumes lots of resources especially for queuing 20 users meanwhile its not clear, maybe we need queuing 200 users)
so I want to work only with files(because I want to learn it I dont want to try other possible(maybe better!) ways,
sorry I waste your time.