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quote:Originally posted by pipdickenz
 No unfortunatly I did originally install it on the desktop (as indicated by the path).
not necessarily. You could have copied it to your desktop.

Assuming things based upon a little evidence is dangerous. A path proves only that the path exists.

     When I say DOS I mean the comand prompt. And yes it was on the C:/ drive (I don't understand the need or reasons to put it on another drive, but to make it work am I going to have to partition my Hard drive ?)

I have 4 copies of Apache and 4 copies of PHP installed. To keep them straight I installed each pair to a drive of it's own. You don't need to do that.

I did uninstall it (as opposed to deleting it). the version I'm using was downloaded as mysql-4.0.20d-win-noinstall. I'll try your advice but I believe I'll end up in the same situation.. Thanks for replying!
well good luck. let us know the answer.

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