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I can't see how that can be correct, because this defeats the purpose of binding. I might as well just set the values manually.

Data changes externally to the control every time you change the CurrentBindingContext's position, but of course when that happens, the bound control's are supposed to update accordingly.

I am not doing anything different: By applying a filter to the data, all I am doing is restricting the set of rows available to browse/edit, but the structure of the data is not changing.

As I've been working, I'm now thinking that maybe I should be binding text boxes to a DataRowView object, rather than the DataViewManager... but I haven't seen this documented anywhere.

As a general comment, I'm rather surprised at how little documentation there is regarding binding to subsets of a Dataset, since this must be a common requirement. I've seen hints of it using the DataViewManager, but this isn't working (for me) for binding to TextBoxes.

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