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Default edittext in editcommandcolumn

I am using datagrid in my project. I want to display button instead of 'edittext' in EditCommandColumn is there any way to do it.
my code like this
<asp:datagrid id="grd1" AlternatingItemStyle-BackColor=#ffcc99 Runat="server" HeaderStyle-Font-Size="10px" ItemStyle-Font-Size="9" HeaderStyle-BackColor="maroon" HeaderStyle-Font-Bold="True" HeaderStyle-Font-Name="Verdana" HeaderStyle-ForeColor="White" EditItemStyle-BackColor="#ffff66" EditItemStyle-ForeColor="#000000" ItemStyle-BackColor="Gainsboro" ItemStyle-Font-Name="verdana" Width="50%" PageSize="30" PagerStyle-Mode="NumericPages" AllowPaging="true" PagerStyle-HorizontalAlign="Right" AutoGenerateColumns="false" onPageIndexChanged="ChangeGridPage1" OnEditCommand="doitemedit" OnUpdateCommand="doitemupdate" OnCancelCommand="doitemcancel" OnDeleteCommand="Delete_Row" ShowHeader =true >
    <asp:EditCommandColumn HeaderText="Modify" EditText="edit" CancelText="cancel" UpdateText="update" />
' above instead of 'edit' text want to display button.
    remaining TemplateColumn

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