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In the IIS settings, you can have more than one default page in a pre-defined order. For e.g. The default pages may be


in that order. Then it will first look for a page default.htm. If it is not available, it will look for default.asp. On the other hand, if it is available, it will show default.htm. Like that it will check for a max of 4 files. If none of above files are there in the folder and if the directory listing is not permitted, it will give a 403 error. (If directory listing is permitted, it will list all files of the directory).

The order of the files in the above list is important for your requirement. That is why I asked you to push index.asp to the top in the list.

[u]Otherwise, you can delete default.htm, default.asp and index.htm files from the folder. This may not be possible if you are using them for some purposes.</u>

Please follow the steps above fully. You may require the help of server admin incase you are using a remote server.
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