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Look at the suggestion :
   dirname varchar2(255);
   v_filename varchar2(255);
   tool_env.getvar('DEMO60', dirname);
   dirname := dirname || '\bin\bmp';

   v_filename := get_file_name(dirname,NULL,
   'All Files (*.*)|*.*|' ||
   'JPEG Files (*.jpg)|*.jpg|' ||
   'Bitmap Files (*.bmp)|*.bmp|' ||
   'TIFF Files (*.tif)|*.tif|' ||
   'CompuServe Files (*.gif)|*.gif|' ||
   'PC Paintbrush Files (*.pcx)|*.pcx|' );

   if v_filename is not null then
      read_image_file(v_filename,'ANY','img_tab.img_tst' );
   end if;

Forms 6i doesn't support BLOBs, change type to "long raw" and it should work
or you can create a similar procedure and load the images using SQL*Plus.

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