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I have been working the same issue and here is the solution I came up with. My code is almost the same as yours with the following exceptions:

Remove the following loop code:
While Not rst.EOF
With rst
Me.txtItemType = !ITEM_TYPE
Me.txtBigNotes = !BIG_NOTES
Me.txtLocationUse = !LOCATION_USE
End With

Then on your form bind the field text box controls (not the form) by putting each table field name in the field text box control source property.
Leave the form recordsource unbound.

This populated my continuous form correctly. Of course since it is an ADO recordset assigned to a form it is not updateable in the form. In my form the only field that needs to updated is a supervisor's approval checkbox. I put a command button that executes a parameterized update query based on the primary key field in the record that has the focus in the continous form.
Let me know if this works for you.
Von Kettler

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