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It should be an access connection string, and it works most of the time. That is odd. I'll have a look at the links though.

Something is weird though. I am starting to think the Access Driver might be the problem. Here's why.

1) When I ran the application from my staging server, it was working fine 99% of the time. If the connection error was appearing, I just had to reboot the server. Definitely not the greatest fix, but still.

2) Once moved on the client's server, it worked for about a week before I started getting that error again. But in an odd fashion, as half my files were working while the other ones were not, and they are ALL using the same string, thanks to cut & paste.

3) On the client server, I created a new ODBC link, and it works again fine. But if I recreate the original link, niet.

that's about it. It's really driving me nuts. And thanks a lot for your feedback :)


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