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Hi Sal -

Well, in the interest of making the install as simple as I can for end users, I'm calling Microsoft's MSDE Setup (yes, they allow me to do this) from my setup program. So, if everything goes well, the user only needs to run my setup and everything installs just fine. He runs my installed app, and it runs just fine. He doesn't even need to know how to spell MSDE!

The problem arises if anything should go wrong, during installation or thereafter (as described in my post). Even if everything goes fine, if the user evaluates my installed app, decides he doesn't want it (so he uninstalls), then later changes his mind and wants to install it, he's out of luck.

I would think that an uninstall should be sufficiently 'well-mannered' to fully remove the named instance of MSDE that was installed. And I also want the user to be able to reinstall if he chooses.

Maybe I'm being old-fashioned here, but I'd expect, for any application, that an uninstall/reinstall process would not fail. And it does fail, even for just MSDE (without any application).

Oh, by the way, does anyone have an answer to my question??

- Jeff