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Hi Pat,

I don't think that was a problem with path. I have used that with being under much lengthy foldernames successfully. It should be with permission is what I suspect. As access creates .ldb file to handle locking under the same folder where the mdb exists, the folder should have enough permissions(READ & WRITE) for the IUSR_Computername. Still the error doesn't seem related to permissions. This connection error you faced usually happens when you err with or connection string or recordset properties not set to update records in it.

These should be the recordset properties when it need to be updated, which I don't see in your code.
    rs.CursorType=3 'Static cursor
    rs.LockType=3 ' Optimistic lock

Was that resulting in same error or a different error when you tested out with lengthy foldername before moving into TEMP folder? If different what was that showing up.

What I feel is TEMP by default has enough permission for all users, so once you moved it there, it should have worked with no problems.

Try that by having the db within your old path with read & write permission for IIS user, and see if that sorts out the problem.

Hope that helps.

- Vijay G
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