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Thanks for the pointers, Planoie.

Answering Hal's question (which is very valid and obvious), the need for migrating to .Net arose because of two major reasons:
  • We are facing performance related issues in some of the ASP pages since we are displaying data retrieved by huge SQL queries. Hal is correct in that this might be related to SQL tuning or perhaps the database tuning itself, but, we have been working on that since last 4-5 months and also have succeeded in improving the performance of the script to a large extent. However, we feel that we can further improve the performance by migrating to .Net. Moreover, the data is going to increase tremendously with time and the complexity is going to increase too due to further enhancements in the application.
  • We have a component that loads data in flat files to the Global Data Repository (GDR). Now, since there are a lot of flat files to be uploaded to the GDR at the same time, it consumes a lot of everything - time, system resources, etc - and the number of flat files to be processed each month is also increasing month by month
We are hoping that migrating to .Net will help us greatly in the above mentioned areas.

I hope this gives a clearer picture.