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Default Image Magick

Hi. I have the book PHP4 Multimedia programming. I read that you can use Image Magick command in php scripts using backtick commands.
WQhat I want to do is use Imagick because think it´s more efficient )corect me pls if I am wrong'

I want to use image magick with php.
I think the best way doing this is using Imagick(any other solutions) but I can't get it to work.

what I did:
1. Install Imagick binaries (file ImageMagic600Q16 dll.exe) from Image
Magick website) This works good.
2. Then I downloaded the dll file (I can't let it work with phpize with the
package from Pecl so I use a DLL) and putted in my c:\nusphere\apache\extensions directory
and added the line in php.ini.
3. I copied all the dll's from Image Magick in the windows\system32

When I start apache I get the error : can not find entry point from
Procedure drawSetFontSize in DLL CORE-RL_magick.dll.
This file IS located in windows\system32

How can I let Imagick work good? I am desperate.

I run PHP 4.2.3 on a windows XP machine with Apache 1.3.29