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Default Displaying Status in steps

Hi Xperts,
I am having a bulk e-mail sending program, that pick data from a table and sends one mail @ a time while looping thru Recordset. I want that a text should also be displaying each time a mail is sent, like "Sending mail to [SomeName] ..." so that it appears real-time.
But whenever I am trying this page, the page gets processed first and all the output text is diplayed in one shot. I am running ASP on Win 2K, so I have tried using Response.Buffer = False, but it's of no use.
Can u guys tell me a better soln. to get rid of this? I need this very badly.
Thx in adv.:(

Sankar Sengupta
Striving for the BEST
Sankar Sengupta
Striving for the BEST
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