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Harrism: Yes, after posting, I eventually concluded that this was simply a difference in the way the libraries are set up/accessed on Linux and Darwin. As I continued to work through the book, I realized that many of the C programs needed to be compiled in a manner like this:

    gcc -o sqrt -I/usr/lib/include sqrt.c -lm

Now, I may have some typos in the above line, because I'm at my day job where I don't have access to Linux, so I'm typing this from memory. But the general idea is correct: After the name of the compiled program, you type a path to the library to be included prefixed by the -I option. Then after the name of the source code file you include the library needed prefixed by the -l (lower case 'l') flag.

When I get to my Linux box I'll try to double-check the typing.


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