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Hi Dave,

Not sure on what order you are expecting this to be.
(Select table_a_id, table_a_title, table_b_datetime as DateCol
from TABLE_A a, TABLE_B b where a.table_a_id = b.table_a_id order by DateCol)
(Select table_a_id, table_a_title, table_c_datetime
from TABLE_A a, TABLE_C c where a.table_a_id = c.table_a_id order by DateCol)
(Select table_a_id, table_a_title, table_d_datetime
from TABLE_A a, TABLE_D d where a.table_a_id = d.table_a_id order by DateCol)
Order by DateCol
Use the last order by in BLUE if required.

Hope this is what you are looking for.

- Vijay G
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