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Here is my response:

 Can you connect to your database using Query Analyzer?
=> YES. I open the Query Analyzer from sql server successfully with username = "sa" and pwd = "".

Make sure your account has permission to the newly created database.
=> What is it? Please be more specifying...?

1. Do you have SQL SP3a installed.? If no, install sp3a
=> YES
2. Make sure to check clients connectivity and use TCP/IP
=> How can I check it?

If you are using ODBC on the client front end (Check DSN connection)
If using access ADP Click File then connection.

3. Test connection using SQL Authentication.
=> How can I do this?
You have done this when you connect using the sa account in Query Analyzer.
If you are using Windows Authentication, you must use a domain account to connect to the database

Jaime E. Maccou
Applications Analyst
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