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Default POST method behave strangely


I am using a Linux Red Hat OS + PHP 4.3.0 + Apache

I got a problem with HTML form and PHP POST method wich work strangely.

<form action="b.php" method="post">
     <input name="entry1" type="text">
     <input value="GO" type="submit">

In the 'b.php' script i do :
echo "\$_POST['entry1'] = {$_POST['entry1']} <br>";

the result is (i typed '42' as the value to display) :
$_POST['entry1'] = 42Entry1=42; //it glues both variable name+value

It does works well with GET method, but not with POST. The phpinfo() method shows that the _POST variable =>'42Entrey1=42'<= and that the QUERY_STRING variable is empty (wich is not true with the GET method wich works properly)...

What's wrong ?
Thank you