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Just to make a few things clear, I am not a professional programmer nor trained in databases but pursue access programming as a hobby. So, my questions may look trivial and I request you to bear with me.

Reg the topic of this post, I am also trying to get my Access DB online using Data Access Pages. I am actually struggling with it as I find that getting DAPs is not that easy as doing queries, forms and reports in MS Access.
Anyway, I am curious.Referring to Ray's post, talking of a shared web host, are you referring to the web site services provided by Yahoo and the like ? and how do you find out whether the site supports MS access ? If this really works, then I will be really happy as my database is fairly small and has to be used within the company only.
I shall be obliged to ray for his clarifications.
Incidentally, recently I came across a company from Netherlands Blue Polar offering a RAD tool with the name Polar Studio which is supposed to move mdb DBs on to the web. Has anyone heard about this ?