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Default .NET Text / HTML editing problem

I have a problem I'm trying to solve with any of: .NET / ASP.NET / C#

Basically my user wants to be able to design a document on-line. The document looks like a business card. the document comprises 3 sections:
A - Top
B - Middle
C - Bottom

The idea is that for each section a user can set the following options:

 -Text (what they want to see)
 -Font Color
 -Area (can dimension each subsection so long as
 doesn't expand to more than section)
 -Justified TMB(Top / Middle/ Bottom)
 -Indent In (mm from JustifiedTMB selection)
 -Justified RCL(Right / Centre/ Left)
 -Indent In (mm from JustifiedRCL selection)

Once they've made all the selections they need to be
able to:
 - see a representation on screen (roughly what the thing would look like printed)
 - save the details (up to 6 versions)

If they finally make an order from one of the versions,
all the design details are used by the printer
(person) to create the document...

Just wondering what the best way of tackling this is?
  - use word via asp page to display the 3 sections?
  - use streamwriter/reader?
  - create an html document on the fly and save this document?

Any thoughts/ideas would be very welcome!!

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