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Hi Vijay G

Is it possible to point me to some essays to read myself more about setting up a db for a multilingual website.

Cause I'm wrestling too with this for the first time, and just want to read some case studies.

My main question is what content do I put in a database and what not. There's a lot of static content which is stored in xml-files and there's other more dynamic content (menu for example) which I'll put in db.
If it's not much more effort to put all in db, why not, but what is the best way to take. For example a screen with a big table of 5 rows and 20 lines. How to store data shown onscreen in a table, with top headers and left column a number counter for each line.

You see, a lot of quetion I have, before starting up a databse design

Any suggestion, essays, documentation, ... ?

Thx a lot
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